“Through all the ups and downs of starting my first company Valery coached and helped me. Running on sole passion and drive Valery helped direct and empowered me to keep perusing my dreams goals. He coached and directed me towards the path of entrepreneurship. His wisdom and approach in guiding me, was both professional and profound.

Valery lead me to develop a strategic niche marketing plan for my company. Help me with web development and design. Suggested ROI planning and guided me in building a brand. Before I met Valery, I had no direction or clear vision on where I was going. I had the great idea and Valery assisted me in bringing this to reality. He told me the hard stuff no one wants to hear about there business, but also recognized all my strengthens and talents. He always made time to meet with me on a short notice. His ability to competently direct me on multiple levels was was extremely beneficial the rapid growth of my success.

I’m writing this review to assure you that Valery is not only talented, but extremely experienced in mentorship and coaching. I will continue to stay in touch with Val and refer friends to him for assistance. Thank you Valery, for being a part of my personal dreams and goals!”
Ray J. Ramos, Co-Founder and Owner of Volume Maker

“I highly recommend Valery. It was a great pleasure to have him as a consultant. Valery provided our company with many valuable marketing ideas. He helped to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy. His work is excellent and was much appreciated.”
Vladi Khiterer, Attorney at Khiterer, Inc.

“I have known Valery for two years. He is actively involved in AmBAR (American Business Association of Russian-Speaking Professionals) activity. Valery helps us with online promotion of AmBAR brand and building its online reputation. He is an open-minded person, always full of bright ideas. I highly recommend Valery as a creative and reliable consultant.”
Tatiana Fedorova, CEO, AmBAR – American Business Association of Russian-speaking Professionals

“I hired Valery to help me with social media marketing. Valery exceeded my expectations. He not only assisted me with the development of a social marketing plan, but also provided me with a lot of valuable information regarding marketing and customer service. As a result of Valery’s job, I redesigned my marketing plan. The sales also increased and new clients came to my business.”
Olga Lannom, Publisher/Editor at

“Valery provided Pet Hotels of America with many concrete marketing ideas, which we continue to implement. First and foremost, he developed our marketing plan, which included the statistics and details that were needed for us to validate our goals and company expectations. His work is superlative and was much appreciated. I am sure we will continue our work together for years to come.”
Lisa Porter, CEO, Porter PR & Marketing

“It’s a pleasure for me to recommend Valery. I had worked with him for two years. Valery was the second Deloitte employee in Belarus and worked in Management Consulting department.

Valery is a highly skilled individual who possesses an ability to deal with people at all levels in the decision-making process. He is energetic, full of bright ideas and thrilled about the opportunities to fulfill them. His clear thinking, analytical skills and organized way of managing things are qualities that make Valery an excellent business consultant.

Valery is a proactive and reliable person with great team working skills and significant experience in management consulting.”
Yuri Sidorovich, Managing Partner at Deloitte